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Celebrity Roommate Profiles (part 2)
by Kari Lamanuzzi

Ever wonder what celebrities would be like as roommates? Chances are, you've already experienced one or two in your co-habitation adventures. Check it out and see what celebrity your roommate is most like.

Angelina Jolie
The Angelina roommate is a great roommate to have if you're single. She is surrounded by hotties, many of whom she has met in her do-good travels (hot accents, anyone?). She is a little unpredictable but always up to something fun and humanitarian. If you ever have a free Friday night, you can go with her and her sexy boyfriend to the latest volunteer project. Her hobbies include adopting a wide variety of pets, stealing your boyfriend, and traveling abroad.

Paris Hilton
She moved her bed into the closet so she could use her room as a walk-in closet. The Paris Hilton roommate is never without her sidekick, the latest Christian Louboutin heels, and a small dog whose outfit matches her new Louis handbag. She may not know how to do the laundry or take out the trash but rest assured she will let you borrow one of her 10 pairs of True Religion jeans and her Ed Hardy hoodie if you do it for her. Her hobbies include dating your boyfriend's twin brother, making creepy sex tapes with your white trash neighbor, and spending the rent money on a new party dress.

Zac Efron
He's the crowd favorite at karaoke, lands all the chicks, and your mother keeps asking when he'll be coming over for dinner. The Zac Efron roommate is the quintessential all-American boy. He not only washes his dishes as soon as he's done, but he'll do yours too just because he knows its your least favorite chore. He always makes sure to save you the last couple beers and a slice of pizza or two when you're coming home from work late and will even starch your socks if you ask nicely. His hobbies include cleaning the apartment, being followed by flocks of hot chicks, and casually tossing his hair.

Mario Lopez
The Mario roommate loves pulling all nighters and doing keg stands. The only problem is, he hasn't been in college since Bill Clinton was getting frisky in the Oval Office. So it's a little creepy that he brings home girls who aren't even old enough to go to the bar, at least they're hot! His hobbies include talking about how awesome he is, auditioning new talent for his "beauty pagent", and using Rogaine.

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