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Celeb Roommate Profiles
by Kari Lamanuzzi

Which Celebrity Profile Does Your Roommate Match?

Britney Spears
Loud, obnoxious and kind of gross, the Britney Spears roommate is the consummate party girl. She spends more nights out getting wasted than she does in the house, knows every bar in town (in fact, she's been banned from at least half of them), and regularly runs around the house half naked. She probably used to be totally normal, maybe even the homecoming queen, but once she separated from her parents she went a little crazy. Her hobbies include boozing, popping pills and taking home questionable men.

Miley Cyrus
Can't this girl do anything wrong? She pays her rent on time, is friendly and washes her dishes immediately. She goes to church (at 9 in the morning!) every Sunday and volunteers at both the homeless shelter and the local nursing home. Her boyfriend is just as gorgeous as she is, and he never spends the night. She's the type of person you'really, really want to hate for being so perfect, but you can't because she's so smart and funny. So smart and funny, in fact, that when your mom comes to visit she asks why you can't be more like her. Her hobbies include making you look bad, watching The Wizard of Oz and praying.

Heather Mills
Her shoes are designer, her purse cost more than your car and her hair and nails are always perfect. So why is it that she can never pay her rent on time? There's always a 50 percent chance that the check she writes you for her half of the electric bill will bounce and she seems to have "forgotten" about the $20 you lent her over a month ago. Instead of earning her own money, she bounces from rich boyfriend to rich boyfriend and if you hear her ask her parents for money one more time, you'll scream. Her hobbies include looking in the mirror, digging for gold and sleeping all day.

Spencer Pratt
The pretty boy who never really grew out of his beer pong phase, the Spencer Pratt roommate is a total douchebag. He's such a tool, yet his girlfriend is super hot (although vapid and vain) and you can't figure out what she sees in him. He takes forever to get ready each morning, uses five different kinds of hair products and changes clothes at least three times a day. Before he leaves the house, he makes sure to ask "How's my hair look, brah?" while looking in the mirror and checking his hairline. His hobbies include calling you gay, shaving his chest and tanning.

Justin Timberlake
The best out of all of them all, the Justin Timberlake roommate is the kind of guy that you're happy to hang out with. He's funny, washes the dishes some time before they mold and even remembers to flush the toilet more often than not. He brings girls over all the time, but he always makes sure that there's an extra hottie left for you at the end of the night. His hobbies include playing video games, playing drinking games and playing truth or dare with the girls he brings home.

Pete Doherty
The Pete Doherty roommate is a total and complete mess. He's got open sores on his arms, rarely bathes and yet somehow manages to get really pretty girls to date him. He's probably on drugs, but you can't say for sure because he's hardly ever home. His parents are loaded, so rent is always paid on time, but one time he brought fleas into the apartment you share. His hobbies include rocking out with his band, mumbling incoherently and sleeping over at his girlfriend's house.

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